How can we communicate data in a way that is easily understandable and draws people to action? The following “data stories” were created by COSN AmeriCorps VISTAs to combine numbers, graphs and statistics with a personal story of someone that they have encountered in their community. Click on the stories below to learn more about local work to improve opioid safety and save lives.

"A Teacher's Perspective"

SafeRx-Adventist Health Clear Lake

"Naloxone Saves Lives."


"Thank you for being to first person to actually listen and be nice to me..."

East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition

"The Faces of Recovery in Napa"

Napa Opioid Safety Coalition

"It’s the Humane Thing to Do"

Safe Med LA

"Fighting the Opioid Epidemic in OC"


"'...Insanity is doing the same thing...and expecting different results.' - Einstein"

Solano Opioid Safety Coalition

"Change isn't change until you change"

Monterey County Prescribe Safe Initiative

"I can help you start on buprenorphine treatment today"


"His pain was real, and so was his past, as is true for the rest of the individuals that are represented here."

Glenn County Alliance for Prevention (GCAP) Coalition

"Our Civil War on Drugs"

RxSafe Marin

"From Prescription to Addiction: A Sister's Journey"

SafeRx Santa Cruz County

"Data-driven prevention in San Benito"

San Benito County Opioid Safety Coalition

"Anytime you deal with death, it is not a good subject"

Stanislaus County Opioid Safety Coalition

"Cough Syrup? How does someone die from cough syrup?"

RxSafe Marin

"One day, I decided that I'm more important"

Yurok Tribe Wellness Coalition

"Michael Salinas - From Inmate to Inspiration"

Monterey County Prescribe Safe Initiative

"I have seen people turn their lives around."

Sacramento County Opioid Coalition

"Patient M.A."

SafeRx-Adventist Health Clear Lake

"A peer mentor describes Narcan education and training as a 'second chance,' calls for more access."

Santa Clara County Opioid Overdose Prevention Project

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